Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Gremlin for “Broken Arrow...”:
Impressionistic technique. Very raw -- in a very good way. This is probably what I am shooting for with my no-fi pieces, but they don't turn out with the sound quality you got on this one.

Anyway, I think you should use this technique more.

 Sep 30, 2019, 08:31 EDT
Thank you kind King Yehudi. Hah yes I suppose it is a bit impressionistic with a dash of Japser Johns or Cy Twombly attitude of just throwing it at the canvas and see if it sticks. Yes, currently my laptop is out of commission so all my recording equipment is just expensive paperweights at the moment. All I have is this cheap used iPad I got off ebay but the mic is surprisingly decent. The high ceilings provide some natural 'verb. No audio enhancements of any kind, just through a filter on the video on iMovie.

Perspiration is like recording in the red. Sometimes you have to clip out to let the inspo shine through...
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Been listening to a lot of stripped down folky music lately which has kind of inspired me to get back to basics with my own songwriting. The last few I have written have been very sparse and get by more on tone and intention rather than Gremlin chord bootcamp.

This is one I have been enjoying a lot lately. The whole record is soothing.
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Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
It's a lifetime journey. Cool Irish sound!
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Indeed... a bit like the old Fairport Convention records.
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