Just finished this over the weekend-this one is my favorite so far-especially since it had an ending so I don't have to wait in suspense for part 2!

It was fun to imagine what all the characters would look like on a television show or movie. I think you had really great details that helped to make the story come to life.
 Dec 05, 2016, 17:40 CST
Richard Shekari 
Thank you so much for the review Gabrielle :) 1:30am here, just got home :D #long story.
Yeah this one def needs no sequel, but when I get lazy in the near future I'd cook it up. No stone was left unturned here, I hate part 2's and 3's too haha. I am glad you loved Aaricia and the Noland Army.
flag (Dec 05, 2016, 18:33 CST)