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I've never heard a song in 7/8, it sounds wild! Really interesting musically. At 1:08 there's something that sounds a bit like a clav and I think the melody is a little busy if that makes sense? The break down at 1:40 is really nice and keeps things interesting. I think the bass overall should be tightened up a bit more. Maybe a bit less reverb and eq of the low mids. Overall really nice though, good work!
 Sep 29, 2021, 22:35 EDT

Kode Bliss gave feedback to John Avino for “Twilight of the Idols”:
Has a fun bubbly feel to it. The vocal component is pretty hard to understand not sure if this on purpose or not. Still overall a entertaining track.
 Feb 05, 2014, 13:14 EST

Gabrielle gave feedback to John Avino for “the ego tunnel”:
Very cool song. Lots of different sounds but they all fit together. Someone wise and mighty once said: make some sacrifices to your ego
 Jun 05, 2013, 20:58 EDT

JZC gave feedback to John Avino for “the ego tunnel”:
very cool!
 Nov 12, 2012, 17:11 EST