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✎ Edit UPDATE: I really like doing music this way after working on it for several months. What I am most satisfied with is, other than my gear [which I have had for years] I've spent $10. That was for the drum software...which I'm getting the hang of....sorta. I also enjoy listening to other artist's work and critique on on!

I am the guitarist for Angry and The Whitemales. I also "moonlight" on the side with my own creations. I hope you like what you hear. Both tunes are raw, unedited tracks right off my laptop. Sort of a "garage band" sound....which I like! All instruments were played by me including the drum software (Help! Tom....Anthony!!). They may need refining and that will come as I develop my recording expertise.
Equipment used: Guitar - Gibson Les Paul, Marshall 100w and 2 4x12 cabs loaded with Celestions, Dunlop Cry Baby.
Bass - Fender Squire Precision Bass, 70w Hartke combo w 1x12 enclosure.
Drums - Rhythm Rascal
All recorded either direct line out or a labtech desktop PC mic to Audacity on a Toshiba laptop.

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Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Guitarminator for “Same ol”:
Great production value on this track. You can really shred, man. How long have you been playing, looks and sounds like many years.

Keep on rocking forever, you're an inspiration, brother!
 Jan 17, 2012, 16:46 EST

The Closers gave feedback to Guitarminator for “Told ya”:
I like the track a lot, but I think that it could use some vocals to go along with it. Very '80's hair metal-- my kind of stuff :{
 Jul 25, 2011, 17:25 EDT

The Middlemen gave feedback to Guitarminator for “Told ya”:
Killer licks! Has a very modern sound, but classic rock as well.

Could go well in an Arena, or outdoor festival.

 May 28, 2011, 18:03 EDT

Sean Russell gave feedback to Guitarminator for “Same ol”:
super frantic. the tone is what jimmy page dreams about when he falls asleep at night, that's for sure. i've never heard a more succulent paul tone, truly.
 May 09, 2011, 22:54 EDT
Thanks, Sean!! I REALLY appreciate the tone comments! This is the second LP I've had (the first, I an idiot!) and I don't think there is a sweeter sounding guitar!...that neck pickup will make you want to cry!...the bridge pickup will take the top of your head off! LOL!!
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