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Aliyu bin yahaya  ✎ Edit

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✎ Edit Born in potiskum local government area of yobe state. from Ngizim tribe, his trademark beign his powerful preech délivery. Aliyu bin yahaya Attended Buraima primary school potiskum where he obtained his primary school certificate. He proceed to government secondary school potiskum where he got his senior secondary certificate, Aliyu bin yahaya Attended the potiskum college of administrative and business studies (CABS) where he had a diploma on social administration.As à social administrator whilst still a student of health education (bsc) in university of maiduguri he embarked fully on his islamic school teaching and schools commissioning, performing his awareness on islamic education amongst youth of unisex around potiskum local government area of Yobe state. Aliyu bin yahaya successfully commisioned a number of instantly successful islamic schools of which the bluckster was sabeelunnajah school for islamic studies and quranic mémorisation, a prestigeos succès from 2006. Hé also graduated phenominally set of student, from it was the 70 set of student graduated and the hugely inflow of about 200 newly intakes annually.

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Aliyu bin yahaya gave feedback to The Closers for “Lolly”:
islamic education awareness and mobilisation is the path we shall take never the less
 Jun 19, 2016, 08:15 EDT
The Closers 
right on brother, but through SPAM???
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