Untitled 1/4 or so of this piece

by shiloh wangsgard

Up off my knees No more catering from me I've crawled, I'm all out You know what I'm talking about The truth is what you say But your actions give you away The rush you get from fake Provoking just for games Someone said they saw you down You looked sad all around Not caring anymore Your lies I left back on the floor Not sure what this means I'm sure a lesson can be gleaned So I'll walk this all out Head out and roam about Shake it all off All your "done me wrongs" Not listening to you You blew every opportune' Walk on down the road Tell someone else your unholy load I found myself again This is almost at an end Just one last little fact Pretend this pain was cash... Gonna make me rich Make me a star Cage of rage fueling my charge