We are children!

by Richard Shekari

Must we come from the wombs of your mothers, wives and daughters to be called your own? We are children! Must we be of the same colour as you in order for you to embrace us? We are children! Why wake us up with the sounds of explosions instead of school bells? We are children! Must we serve the same gods as you in order to be loved by you or your gods? We are children! Why piece our tongues with bullets instead of luscious loaves? We are children! You staged your war machines on our playgrounds and defiled it with footprints of your soldiers… We are children! You polluted the air we breathe with your chemicals and empty the wastes from your industries into our waters… We are children! You even killed our doctors and teachers who looked after us in the absence of our parents… We are children! We are too young to vote and so chose to let you run the world the right way as you claimed yet while we look up to you as role models all we see is a dark future… We are children! Must we be citizens of your country in order for you to stand for us, protect and shield us from these shells that descent upon us thrown by your projectiles? We are children! Must we speak the same language as you for you to understand us and say we are a part of you? We are children! Our plan was to transfer the happiness we share on and from the playground to the great lands of the earth but now, we are not sure if we or these lands would survive the heat of your greed… We are children! We want peace; you want war, which is wiser? We are children! From the scorching plains of Palestine to the evened forests of Nigeria, from the valleys of Bosnia to the German alpine terrains, from the wet beds of India to the hot deserts of Sudan, from the drenched lands of the Philippines to cold rocks of Siberia, from the Americas to the dusty powders of the moon and through the molten laughter of the sun… We are children! We were born strong and willed and ever ready to change the world and make it a better place if you let us survive to see tomorrow… We are children! We are the greatest gift given freely to you by God and we are the best of all the things you'd ever had in this vain life… We are children! Allow us to smile, allow us to play and laugh, allow us to pray and thank our maker… We are children! If you don't, we shall call upon God to rain his wrath upon you for not turning from your evil ways… We are children! For we've known only peace before we were planted as seeds inside of you and into the wombs of our mothers and we brought nothing but message of peace to the world… We are children! This race, the human race can only see tomorrow if you put down your weapons and withdraw your wicked machines from our lands and from the skies above our heads… We are children! You drenched the soil with our tears and rained the earth with our blood... We are children! Love us like God does, don't hate us like the devil, or are you? We are children!