Art & Capital (notes from the artistic revolution) [WIP]

by Rex Yehudi (shoham)

Part I: Management and Labor (1) All costs are labor costs (2) All management is laborious (3) All work is creative (4) Creativity is the heart of the human condition Part II: On Conflict (1) Peace is preferable, and pluralism is helpful, but conflict is neither uncommon nor inevitable (1) Progress is neither uncommon nor inevitable. (2) Conflict is primal (3) Primacy, seniority, and originality are often confused for one another. They are not equals, and are often at odds. Part III: On Experience The past has been defined as that which cannot be changed, and the future as that which cannot be remembered. Experience is aesthetic. Part IV: Art is Capital [a syllogism] (1) Art is the product of labor (2) Life is laborious, and money distills it. (3) Art is a form of money. [from 1*2] Part V The Value of Your Work As an artist, the quality of your product will often be less than the amount of work that you put into making it. Therefore, the value of your work must be derived not merely from your effort or your end result, but from the meaning that it brings to others.