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JZC gave feedback to Rex Yehudi (shoham) for “The Helmet!©”:
interesting... can you explain the symbolism (sp?) here?
 Sep 11, 2012, 20:33 EDT
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
"(sp?)"? it's an application for a patent! there are two web cams looking out from the helmet, and there's a screen inside of the helmet, showing you what the webcams outside of your helmet see. You use your hands like you do with your eyetoy©, to manipulate elements that you wouldn't see w/o The Helmet!© You're still seeing the world in front of you, the way you would see the world w/o the helmet, but with the webcam and the screen (combined with a CPU), you can see more, and manipulate the additional elements that the screen shows you on top of "the real world"
flag (Sep 11, 2012, 20:40 EDT)
fascinating idea!!
flag (Sep 12, 2012, 16:52 EDT)
looking forward to seeing the prototype
flag (Sep 12, 2012, 16:52 EDT)
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
It's not just an idea... It's an empire... http://www.feed-forward.net/w.4730_The_Visor Thank you, -Shoham
flag (Sep 12, 2012, 17:01 EDT)

JZC gave feedback to Rex Yehudi (shoham) for “The Helmet!©”:
sp? because the word symbolism looked like it was misspelled. fascinating....where's the webcam? is the helmet the webcam? am I looking in and is it looking at me?
 Sep 11, 2012, 20:43 EDT
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
ALL OF THIS -- AND MORE.... I can see you at all times, and you can see yourself, if we put a screen on the outside two... Good questions. Thanks for asking. There are probably going to be more than one webcam, two, three, perhaps more.. but we kept the patent application minimalistic, b/c *that* office isn't exactly the type of place that Einstein would hang out in, now is it... And there will be two screens on the inside: One 1 inch from the eyeball (a screen similar to 3-D glasses) and one 4 or 5 inches from the eyeball (3-4 from inches from screen one), where the augmented outside world will be projected.
flag (Sep 11, 2012, 21:01 EDT)