Ace of Spades

by David Samuel Partamian

Ace of Spades A smoky haze, a broken heart, A one-night stand, A cigarette, The quick shuffling of cards, I watch them turn into a blur, She smiles at me, I'm reassured, She says she's got a Royal Flush, Her crooked smile turns vile and harsh. The tip of cigarette, Her erotic curve of lips, I look at her and in my mind I grab her tight and take her on, And I can hear her screams and groans, I can almost see the dealer Stare at us, his hat askew.. I just got bored at the casino, Since nothing here for me is new. I walk out and I leave my car, The blues, it shifts through my noir, I think that I should have a drink, And yet I have too much to think To be drunk tonight. Nightclubs, neon, bloody light, I thought I'd wish to just forget, And yet, tonight, I shall relive, Caressing poison of my rue That turns to acid of regret. The click-clack of high heels I hear, And, unconscious of my tears, I turn to face her come to me, Her curly hair, her full red lips, The black void of her luscious gaze, It's my devil that I face. A sick mixture flows through me - Love and hate, and joy, and grief, Next thing I know - we're locked so tight I see my pain inside her eyes, Her lips, they're curtly pressed to mine, The scent of passion blows my mind, I grab her, throw her to the ground, She falls and never makes a sound, I grab her throat and see her choke, I watch her die, I'm in her eyes, My hands, they flow through soft black hair, If that's a dream - I'm unaware.. I realize I watch the dealer Shuffle through a deck of cards. Another night at the casino, Just another broken heart.