by David Samuel Partamian

Six A mask is put upon my sorrow, The face behind, it's lost and hollow. The joyous death of all my hopes, The sweet old silence of my thoughts. I crawl to devil once again. My lips are whispering her name. I feel delight, and death, and longing. The worms inside of me are swarming. My eyes are full of foolish question. My body full of useless passion. I feel that I would die right now - But there's no difference somehow, As to whether life or death Will be there for my torment. If I were dead right now would you Care to feel remorse or rue? I don't think that I should care, Yet I do that anyway. A bitter darkness shrouds my features, My heart is filled with poison, leeches, The evil triumphs in my core, It knows I cannot bear much more.