by 0ctavio G0nzalez

"Place of Peace": It seems absurd To offer such a noble word "Jerusalem" when such a place Turns cousins' spites to wars of race We talk of promise, fight for land but only scraps thereof, De-sanctify her holiness, and kill when we should love. It seems we've broken what was vowed, but it is written there are two One on Earth, ever declining, one in Heaven, ever new. One below where I reside, one in heights as yet unknown. A promise not forgotten, but an oath only postponed... Beyond the clouds, and sun, and stars, the Nightingale and aether-- Further out, where though there be some souls, the souls there be are few "Oleh!", and now forewarned am I, the 'gale is underneath her "Oleh, she is eternal, but she may not wait for you".