In Ways

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Genres: Folk, Acoustic

One of the songs I'm working on for my new album. Demo version we put together to get an idea of how the song would go with a full band. Recommend listening wit the headphones, didn't mix this to sound pretty for the lappy tappy.

In ways I know
In ways I don't show
I know I do
Lie Like you
Though I don't mean to
And I am mean too
For you

Why say it again?
Why beat you to death
I should let you live
I like to think that
I have that control

And all I know
About right and wrong
And what I want
Don't belong
I am here
Yeah, I have moved
But never on.

You make sure
That I know
The truth
That I'll never
Find love like yours
I can only hope
That you are right

Don't know how to draw
But I'll make the line near
Anything at all
To keep you close
To me

And all I know
About right and wrong
And what I want
Don't belong
I am here
Yeah, I have moved
But never on.

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Date uploaded: May 17, 2011, 10:39 EDT Show more info
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OCTOPIG gave feedback to Interpret for “In Ways”:
Jesus, nice voice.
 Jun 06, 2011, 02:29 EDT
I genuinely, accidentally hit the Submit button before I was done. I like this lots, let me know if you're ever going to play in the vicinity of Sunnyvale. I'd pay money to see this performed.
flag (Jun 06, 2011, 02:31 EDT)
Thank you very much. I am working on developing a handful of songs, this one included, with my friend. Don't know when I'll start performing, but you I will definitely let you know when we play in the bay area.
flag (Jun 07, 2011, 02:28 EDT)

OldBronze gave feedback to Interpret for “In Ways”:
Great song.
My thoughts:
- The cymbals very early on detract from the full impact of the brushed drums coming in.
- The harmonies work really well.
- Drums again: It might have more impact if the bass and drums came in about 2 minutes in, similar to Peaches and Cream by John Butler Trio. When the rhythm finally does start in that song, it sounds all the better for having the build up.
- I'm also going to say what I imagine a producer might say (and I hate myself for saying this): the nature of the song is quite monotonous (is that fair to say? Not in a bad way at all) and so it needs the arrangement to give it some dramatic tension. Not in an ostentacious way, just to really grab the listeners attention. It can be both relaxing and dramatic! (See Sigur Ros for a masterclass in the Dramatic Build-up).

Good luck, it sounds really great!
 May 21, 2011, 06:37 EDT
All great points. I'll try out having the drums come in later to see how I feel about that. The harmonies are really just one part doubled and then an octave above. For a while I really wanted a third vocal part to add interesting texture to the song but we shall see. And Most importantly. Monotony!

I totally agree with you. I have had conversations with my music buddies and thought about it for many hours. I like the monotonous feeling and I hate it...but kind of like it. I will eventually do things to build more tension-- more percussion parts, a third or fourth instrument part have been in my head for a while. We'll see.

I love sigur ros, they ARE masters of the build-up, got to see them in Berkeley =D. One band that is very popular and uses an interesting song format is TV on the Radio. I noticed that a lot of their songs are static. They start up and stay at a certain level yet are entertaining the entire way through. You might be interested (standing on the sun, accident).

thank you
flag (May 21, 2011, 12:27 EDT)

Jordan Hamilton gave feedback to Interpret for “In Ways”:
This song feels like a movie montage for a drive through the desert, with a wounded hero and some broken sunglasses. AKA, this is outstanding.
 May 19, 2011, 23:05 EDT
I looked at your name for a while...."i know this...I know this......" then BAM!. "OH! Didn't expect to see you here." Thank you little miss lady. I'm really happy with this song and the others I am working on for my album. They are all going to be amazing.
flag (May 20, 2011, 03:06 EDT)

The Closers gave feedback to Interpret for “In Ways”:
Good harmonies, and I like the steady drum-beat, as well. I think that it could use an electric guitar somewhere maybe 2, or 3 minutes in, to kick in, and add an extra dimension to the tune...

 May 17, 2011, 12:24 EDT
Ya know, I have had this feeling for a while now too. I really like the song, but I want something more there. Another part, but I can never decide what I want. I have considered a keyboard walking around between the vocal parts, or a chimes/bells/glock type thing coming in or around the down beats. The song is beautiful plain as it is, but there is so much space to do more, that it boggles me.

Thank you for your feedback.
flag (May 17, 2011, 14:57 EDT)
The Closers 
Maybe a flute...!
flag (May 17, 2011, 17:08 EDT)