WalaWalaWala gave feedback to Gareth Wiecko for “Come Closer”:
Cool tune, Gareth-- where did you get the samples from, or is it all home-brewed?

 Jul 28, 2011, 10:23 EDT
Gareth Wiecko 
Hey bud, the samples that I used were an Indian wail and some whispered chanting, most found on Logic but I layered a sitar up to give it that thick feel. Really enjoyed writing this one!
flag (Nov 08, 2011, 19:28 EST)
Really enjoyed listening!

flag (Nov 08, 2011, 21:48 EST)

John Avino gave feedback to Badabinski for “Cowboy Guns”:
Definitely feeling the Flying Lotus vibe...perhaps a bit too much? I really dig the way your different rhythmic layers interact, but I just feel that melodically, the piece isn't all that interesting (it doesn't seem to go anywhere), and your sound palette is a bit too close to FlyLo's. That said, it's still excellent, well-executed work. I'd just love to hear a bit more originality.
 Oct 01, 2011, 16:55 EDT

Ryan Toth gave feedback to triangles for “Pheromones”:
yeah i could see this being compared to bibio for sure, this is a very good ambient track. you should try routing the drum audio through some kind of clean analogue amp then re-record to take away the digital edge. i have had great success with that technique. the vocals sound killer too, what did you record them with ? microphone?
 Aug 30, 2011, 22:41 EDT
I would love to run everything through analog, however, equipment is expensive and my pockets are shallow. :\ It's recorded with a Shure PG58 into a M-Audio Fast Track. So. Low budget stuff. Good advice though.
flag (Sep 07, 2011, 22:50 EDT)

Kode of Bliss gave feedback to triangles for “Babe Letdown”:
Cool mellow piece. Interesting beat.
 Sep 06, 2011, 13:10 EDT

Ryan Toth gave feedback to triangles for “Babe Letdown”:
very nice!
 Aug 30, 2011, 00:41 EDT

WalaWalaWala gave feedback to triangles for “Pheromones”:
Very ambient track. Nice, simple lyrics, interesting story. I like!


PS: How does this relate to Pandas?
 Aug 04, 2011, 23:19 EDT
Omitted 2 posts.
Oh, yeah. There's an artist called Gold Panda. Some of it is good and some of it is less good, but i was thinking of him when I made this.
flag (Aug 05, 2011, 23:41 EDT)
Nice. I'll have to check him out. Any suggestions?
flag (Aug 05, 2011, 23:53 EDT)
His newest album. Make sure you get the one with the bonus tracks, they are some of the best on the album. There's also an artist called Bibio who's newest album is dope.
flag (Aug 12, 2011, 03:56 EDT)
OK. Thanks. Sounds good!
flag (Aug 12, 2011, 06:18 EDT)

Kode of Bliss gave feedback to triangles for “Pheromones”:
Interesting song, lyrics, and tags. Overall I liked it.
 Aug 05, 2011, 17:54 EDT
Thank you very much!
flag (Aug 12, 2011, 03:55 EDT)

The Middlemen gave feedback to triangles for “Babe Letdown”:
Interesting syncopation on this tune. What did you use to record and mix this one?

I like the effect on the vocals, as well.

 Aug 03, 2011, 07:28 EDT
Recorded and mixed in Renoise. It's a tracker, so I'm using it all wrong. Supposed to use it for glitch.
flag (Aug 05, 2011, 07:27 EDT)
The Middlemen 
I can't even figure out Audacity, myself :)
flag (Aug 05, 2011, 10:22 EDT)

Badabinski gave feedback to Lorenzo Pagano for “Travel Transfer”:
Absolutely fantastic. Great chopping of those samples. You're going to end up with all my money at this rate ._.
 Jul 30, 2011, 03:30 EDT
Lorenzo Pagano 
Wow, thanks man! Thank you for the great feedback on Auburn Hill, too. When I first put my music on this site I was just shocked that people enjoyed it enough to actually pay money for it.

Thanks again, sir!
flag (Jul 30, 2011, 07:08 EDT)

Kode of Bliss gave feedback to Badabinski for “Kick Your Fucking Door In”:
Pretty dam cool. Starts of kind of upbeat, then ends sounding kind of angry, nice transition.

On a side note, what disease?
 Jul 22, 2011, 19:32 EDT
Bipolar disorder. Got it locked down and under control now, but for a while that, and a lot of other unfortunate circumstances made me a little angry and upset with the world.
flag (Jul 24, 2011, 04:07 EDT)

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