i like this it has a nostalgic feel to it
 Mar 10, 2012, 02:06 EST
0ctavio G0nzalez 
Thanks. I was going for a simple love song type of vibe. Glad you liked it. I'm pretty sure it's a free download, if you're interested. Thanks again, and take care.
flag (Mar 10, 2012, 07:47 EST)
Chase Risinger 
the down has been loaded, thanks brother, I'm new to this site didn't know u could download, take care and thanks for the feedback!
flag (Mar 10, 2012, 16:56 EST)
0ctavio G0nzalez 
Enjoy it!
flag (Mar 10, 2012, 21:42 EST)

Chase Risinger gave feedback to The Middlemen for “Keep In Touch”:
yep i like this alot! you guys are good with the chord changes, keep in touch! :)
 Mar 10, 2012, 16:58 EST
The Middlemen 
Will do :D Thanks!
flag (Mar 10, 2012, 18:50 EST)

Chase Risinger gave feedback to The Middlemen for “The End”:
im liking the seventh chords leading into the changes, also you have a soulful voice but i think you could put more energy into it :) otherwise, awesome!
 Mar 10, 2012, 01:54 EST
The Middlemen 
Thanks. Sadly you picked our worst recording! Try this one... http://www.feed-forward.net/w.1012_Keep_In_Touch_&market
flag (Mar 10, 2012, 08:54 EST)

Try working on keeping the pitch consistent on the entire duration of the note. Great use of vibrato.
 Mar 06, 2012, 22:35 EST
0ctavio G0nzalez 
Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, this recording is -- I forget the technical term 'crap' may be what they call it :D I like the song, which I wrote for some friends to sing (Country Artists I know). Anyway, thanks for listening.
flag (Mar 06, 2012, 22:47 EST)

JZC gave feedback to The Middlemen for “It Brings me Back”:
classic! great song!
 Feb 28, 2012, 16:05 EST
The Middlemen 
You know you love it :D
flag (Feb 28, 2012, 17:17 EST)

Can't Kids gave feedback to The Middlemen for “Keep In Touch”:
I like this a lot. Reminds me of Brian Jonestown Massacre.
 Feb 24, 2012, 12:03 EST
The Middlemen 
Thanks a lot guys. We'll have to check them out. I've actually never heard of them. This tune is a free download, if I recall correctly. Thanks for the feedback, it means a lot to know that people are listening to and enjoying our stuff :D
flag (Feb 24, 2012, 15:29 EST)

JZC gave feedback to WalaWalaWala for “Sometimes Why”:
a classic. I was always wondering who the cover art is of.
 Feb 09, 2012, 10:20 EST
This is Alfred E Housman, one of the greats...
flag (Feb 09, 2012, 11:00 EST)
it seems as though you always associate yourself with the greats :)
flag (Feb 09, 2012, 11:11 EST)
I have been associated with the greats by providence...
flag (Feb 09, 2012, 11:23 EST)

I can't quite explain why, but this song made me smile. The tone in the vocals "makes" it for me. Very nice.
 Jan 29, 2012, 23:51 EST
Thanks man! Glad you liked it. This is one of those where I think the recording quality is kind of crappy, but people seem to like the energy. Glad you did. It's a free download! Download link: http://www.feed-forward.net/w.2103_Lady_Boy_Rough_and_Raw_&market
flag (Jan 30, 2012, 00:02 EST)

Quinn gave feedback to WalaWalaWala for “Lady Boy (Rough and Raw)”:
Hahaha. That first ladyboy had me laughing. I enjoy it. You'll have the crowd singing out 'ladyboy!' with you every time.
 Jan 29, 2012, 17:57 EST
Awesome! I wish that this recording was better. It's a free download, as are all of our tunes If I remember right. If there's something that you want that isn't just let me know, and I'll set it for free. Thanks again, yeah this is kind of a crowd pleaser for sure as we've played it out a few times.
flag (Jan 29, 2012, 21:34 EST)

ncaband gave feedback to The Middlemen for “It Brings me Back”:
this is awesome. Its totally mellow and relaxing. The vocal harmonies sound really good. A lot of people really fuck them up , but it was so smooth.
keep up good work, where you guys from again?
 Jan 07, 2012, 01:59 EST
The Middlemen 
We are from Pittsburgh. Thanks ncaband :D Also, this is a free download :D download away!
flag (Jan 07, 2012, 08:11 EST)

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