About FeedForward

Our home page:

Our homepage is dedicated to all creative and performing artists. Every work uploaded to FeedForward is featured on our home page. We encourage all of our members to give feedback to each other when they find a piece that they like on our homepage. No matter how many people are on our homepage at any given time, chances are that they'll all be seeing or listening to a different piece by a different artist.

The more people that you want to engage with your work, the more high-quality feedback you'll want to give to other artists — the more you give, the more you'll get!


When you get a piece of feedback, we'll ask you to rate it as 'ok', 'good', or 'excellent'. This will help us figure out who will be prompted to give you feedback in the future. You're more likely to get feedback from those who gave you 'excellent' feedback, than those who gave you 'good' feedback, and more likely to get feedback from someone who gave you 'good' feedback than from someone who gave you 'ok' feedback. The rating is not shown to the author of the feedback.


Use the Sandbox to discover works others have made available for remixing, and upload your own works to be remixed!


"Liking" serves not only as an endorsement of a particular piece, but helps us figure out what you might like in the future, similar to Youtube's "Recommendations" or Pandora's "Music Genome Project".


We strongly encourage everybody who comes to the site and sees or hears something that they like to share it on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter or through email. FeedForward is a great platform for sharing your favorite independent art and music with others — not just on our site, but to as large of an audience as possible!


When you subscribe to an artist's channel, you'll receive your choice of daily or weekly emails featuring that artist's work. Following is not just for new works, but for all works in the artist's catalog. Following is a great way for you to keep up with the artists whom you like the most, and a great way for people who like your work to keep up with it as well.


Unlike other community sites, FeedForward allows you to offer your audio works for sale directly on our site, using PayPal. Furthermore, sales of visual works can be facilitated using our messaging system. If a buyer of an audio work does not have a PayPal account, that's fine — a valid credit card works just as well; however, sellers do need a PayPal account to receive payments.


FeedForward takes no commission, no sign up fee, and no monthly fee for our service — all of the money that artists earn through the sales they make on FeedForward go directly to the artist's PayPal account!

We highly recommend that artists who set their prices to less than $12.00 start a PayPal Micropayments account. Example: Someone buys one of your tracks for $1.00 through your standard PayPal Premier or Business account and you receive $1.00, minus PayPal's standard processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents so in that case PayPal takes about 33 cents. With a Micropayments account, PayPal takes 5% + 5 cents so in this case PayPal takes 10 cents. With the Micropyament account you keep 90 cents after PayPal's fee, and with a traditional Premier or Business account you keep only about 67 cents.

If you plan to sell both kinds of items (ones above $12.00 in cost and those below), PayPal will allow you to have two accounts at the same time; just make sure that you keep track of which one you are applying to which goods.

Ad Credits:

Everytime you give feedback for works on our homepage, you earn karma credits, which give you more exposure for your works throughout FeedForward. You also earn ad credits, which you can use in a number of ways. One way which you can use ad credits is to display ads to promote your work or any other link that you wish. You can also use ad credits to buy works on FeedForward which are listed as being for sale via ad credits. To list your work for sale via ad credits, go to an individual work's Edit Page and enter the number of ad credits you wish to sell the work for.


You can upload images, music, videos, writing, and Flash games to FeedForward. Your files may each be up to 100 MB in size. To let others know a little bit more about your work you can add the title of the piece and a description and lyrics (if applicable) to go along with each piece as well. You can also organize and sell your music in album form.

We thank Nathan Abercrombie for help with the layout and style of the site.