Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Marco Alamilla for “Ray's day's”:
Here's a light-hearted reprieve. I was getting ready to have a nervous breakdown looking at some of your other paintings!
 Jun 19, 2018, 17:17 EDT

Rex Yehudi (shoham) gave feedback to Marco Alamilla for “Faces”:
I am checking these out right now. Hay Street, Best regards, & this one are very disturbing to me, definitely reminds me of Edvard Munch:

Best Regards,
 Jun 19, 2018, 17:14 EDT

Gabrielle gave feedback to Brian Gonnella for “Zen of Yinz”:
Pat Sajak as Buddha ?
 Jun 06, 2018, 19:08 EDT

mr. suburbia gave feedback to Aardvark Farms for “Waterspace”:
Is it beerthirty yet?
 May 23, 2018, 11:06 EDT
Rex Yehudi (shoham) 
NOW it's beerthirty...
flag (Jun 02, 2018, 10:06 EDT)

mr. suburbia gave feedback to Aardvark Farms for “Crypto-Scape”:
I like cake
 May 23, 2018, 11:04 EDT

This one is my favorite -- is it based on a phot? A lot of Picasso in your work, especially bluetooth, but this one has the most to it, lots of layers. Thank you for sharing, $Shoham
 Jan 05, 2018, 12:52 EST

The Middlemen gave feedback to Nakaya for “Spiral”:
This is cool! How long does something like this take to construct? I've been getting into digital art lately, but this makes me think that this kind of thing could be fun to make.

I just bought some stuff from these women: you might like some of their sculptures, too.
 Jan 05, 2012, 09:28 EST
Omitted 3 posts.
The Middlemen 
You're welcome. Did it hold up for long?
flag (Jan 06, 2012, 19:46 EST)
It's held up well.
flag (Jan 06, 2012, 19:48 EST)
The Middlemen 
Nice. Are you selling any of your stuff? I like this one: and "Scorpion"
flag (Jan 06, 2012, 19:51 EST)
Robert Mark 
What's up, after reading this amazing post i am too cheerful to share my knowledge here with colleagues.
flag (Oct 09, 2017, 23:55 EDT)

And he is back. This might be your weirdest one yet. Kind of looks like Ganesh the Hindu god too with the crossed legs and tentacles.

Very religious and political- -is this a new direction for you?

Welcome back kid!
 Sep 12, 2017, 07:43 EDT

I haven't checked these out in a while. Wow, so weird and creepy. I like how your art confuses me, haha.

How has your drawing and writing been going?
 Jul 02, 2017, 16:54 EDT
David Samuel Partamian 
Good enough, thank you very much! How've you been?
flag (Sep 12, 2017, 04:54 EDT)

Gabrielle gave feedback to Barbara for “Spicy Circuit”:
It's like I am outside, looking at Christmas tree lights through an icy window.
 Aug 20, 2017, 21:23 EDT

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