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by tom clark
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© 2013.
Kinda a rough demo. Just testing it out.

And this is the time, when you finally give up
When you realize, your hearts had enough.
And all that you have built, comes crumbling down
Right before your eyes..
And this moment of release, is just a way to feel...again
And your heart turns numb, and the distance in your eyes
Cant you see...
Its too late, far too late
If you could only see, where this would lead
Would you follow through, or just give up
And your heart starts to race, and time moves fast
And all your thoughts, they turn to ash.
And where you stand now, is the last place you want to be
But where do we draw the line, will it ever be alright?
How could it be? After this.......
Now you just gotta hold on, and hope you don't crash and burn.
tick tock tick tock.....

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Date uploaded: Oct 05, 2013, 14:12 EDT Show more info
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