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by Nathan Fenner
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Genre: Progressive Rock

The sequel to "Atmosphere." Our astronaut attempts to communicate with the people of Earth about the beauty of space, hoping they because envious. But they simply won't listen, because our astronaut has ruined their tidal patterns, causing chaos on the Earth!

I'm uplinked, so radio in
To the moon before I fly off
Your radars, left to be a lonely signal

Long way out, I'm floating so free
Up above, not where I belong
To the belts, among all the dust
Come help me!

Damn vacuums absorbing my moonship
Dragged deep into the black jaw
Snap, my moon begins to slip
Far away, it looks like the end has met my friends

I kid in hopes you all would listen to me
"Save your breath" the transmission replies

Fair enough, it serves me right
The tide so stirred, fury at my fault
Still searching for ways to find peace within yourselves
Gone, was never there, was the cooperation

Telescopes offer no justice, no glory
Scientists, degrade themselves down, false discoveries.

Soaring swift upon my moon, my simple day turns backwards soon,
And I'm grateful year round
Gravity shifts around that star, flings me quick and ultra far,
And I surf strong, so proud

Must you treat me so wrong?
A little lunar loss never hurt anyone that mattered
Should send your waves to space, I'm thirsty
Fix up your world, then feed me.

I can't believe in every god
They pulled my strings, and held you back
I feel supreme, unholy wretch..
Infinity gathers faith for me

So surreal
So pristine
Such rapture
Such relief
Now unreal
Now underneath
Now buried
Now just deep

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Date uploaded: Jun 16, 2011, 01:26 EDT Show more info
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