The Beaches
15 works
by Benci
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Genre: Acoustic

License: FeedForward Collaboration License
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I started to run along the shore
I wasn't tired yet so I ran some more
The sun was bright so I turned away,
But there was a sand castle in my way
So I ran right through, I tore it down
The sand castle's broken on the ground
The kid who built it wasn't there,
But I kept on running 'cause I thought he'd care

I started thinking, wondering why
I didn't want to see that poor kid cry
The water was cool, the breeze was blue
I was already running, might as well continue
The day was nice, it's good to share
Drinks with ice, sand in my hair
Sitting on the beach I could show you where
I started running - all the way down there

Pineapple fruits and coconuts
Little kids eating in little huts
One umbrella beside the chair
Drinks with ice, sand in my hair
The broken sand castle was still there
Kid started crying but I didn't care
Taking a break from running on the shore
So that maybe later I can run some more

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Date uploaded: Apr 17, 2011, 21:18 EDT Show more info
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