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by Richard Shekari
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Genres: Dance, Chorus, Pop

© 2020. All Rights Reserved


Every day is a struggle
You’re trying as much to play it cool
Trouble comes in a double
Life hits you daily like a bull
Chances blown like a bubble
Don’t you worry coz
Everything will be alright
Every day you hustle
You crank it up with overtime
Every move you stumble
I see you fall every time
Every night’s a battle
Don’t you worry coz
We’ll celebrate after the night.

It gon’be alright
But you gotta stand strong
It’s Okay, I know it don’t feel like home
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright (2x)

You feel abandoned
Yeah, they say you’re no good
You mind your business
Refused to be treated like a fool
Not a single friend
Don’t you worry coz
Everything will be alright
Now, you’re doing just fine
Smiling when you storm the hood
They hating your grind
Wishing they treated you good
God got ya back
I told you not to worry
Everything will be alright. *Chorus till fade*

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari

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