Above and Below
201 works
by Richard Shekari
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Genres: Gospel, Chorus, Pop

© 2020. All Rights Reserved


Above and below
Yes, Lord, You reign
You rule from above
Forever You reign
Evil is overthrown
Lord, yes You reign
Come restore what Your children lost (2x)

We were drowning, stuck in the Dead Sea
You left Your throne to come set us free
Even though our ways appeared filthy
You proved to the world that You’re Mighty
Yes, Almighty
Come down in Your Glory
Let the whole world bask in Your Mercy
Let the whole graveyards
Yes, go empty
Come prove to the world that You’re Mighty
Yes, Almighty.

We shed tears in the shower
Come show Your power
Your Name is our tower
Make the wicked cower (2x) *Chorus 2x*

Let the whole world know Your name
You’re a King, You’re kind
Yes, we proclaimed
You’re the Prince of Peace Who took our shame
You’ve proved to the world that You’re Mighty
Yes, Almighty. (2x) +Prelude + Chorus till fade.

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari

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