Razer (Live)
48 works
by WalaWalaWala
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Genres: Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Progressive Rock
Tags: Live, Pittsburgh, Experimental, Beastie Boys Inspired

License: FeedForward Collaboration License

Well, it doesn’t' mean your Yoda, 'cause you move shit with your mind
And it doesn't make you Gandhi, ‘cause you don't fight back

And it doesn’t mean you’re Biggie because you got a lazy eye
And it doesn’t make you're sober ‘cause you don’t smoke crack

Well despite your speculation, this is not what you suspect-
And it doesn’t’ make ya dirty ‘cause you’re shavin' at the Bibliotech


It ain’t easy, if it was really easy,
You would not be cheatin me
And telling me that I still need you

It ain’t over, if it was really over,
You would not be holdin’ her,
And telling me that I still owe you

Ah, just because I gottcha clappin' doesn’t mean you should applaud
And just because my chicks is bouncin’ doesn’t mean that I’m a fraud

Quit your crying 'bout the Karma, go to Kashi for to die
Because, you probably think its smoke, but that's just Shiva in the skies

And just because you got my queen, that doesn’t mean that I’m in check,
But if you ask for me tomorrow, I’ll be shavin’ at the Bibliotech

Chorus x 2


I need you x 5

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Playing time (m:ss): 2:44
Date uploaded: Dec 16, 2010, 16:35 EST Show more info
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