20 works
by Arsini
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Genres: Alternative, Hip-Hop, Rap


Hey you, stop listenin to this
you're probly just a little bitch, with saggy pimples on her tits
you're probly blonde, no brunette, no a ginger, i bet!
you're either black or gray haired, cuz there's no in between left
i bet you've got green eyes, either that or blue or brown
the way i talk about you, one could think you're anyone in town
but you're special, girl, hell! you might even be a guy
you probly have a dick or a vagi-I..I mean pussy
you've got a nack for walkin strange and even straight sometimes
you've got a blob of fat that stays around for ages, why!
you're skinny and your ears are huuuuuge!
then i see your feet, and it's like, oh my god you're bigfoot dude!
you wear too much god damn make up
and you, you don't shave, you're not in a cave, wake up!
you look like you got hit by a train
and then god chewed your face and spit you out with the rain
and on your way down, your face crashed into santa's sleigh
sat on you the whole way down, sqaushed you nice and said "good day"
fuck it, you can hear, if by luck you're still okay
oh wait.. looks like this'll be a slow wait
cuz mr. fivehead with buck teeth and a noseface
is right in my way..but.. ahem, yo here it goes, kay?
no way! get the hell out of my way!
for heaven sake's okay? the angel's here to save the day!
oh, were you in front of me? that's alright cuz you're gay
and if you're straight i have a problem as well, so please behave
whether white or black or maybe asian or a mexican
you should not be hearin this beat or even hear my breath again
What makes you think it's right to listen to what i write
on the highlight after pens happen to spill the ink from my mic
i'm a, part time magician, and, part time mortician
stand, up right and listen, just kiddin, i kill what's hidden
i'm flippin on people givin me shi..i mean smiles, damn!
can't take a dirty look or even a nice one
i don't wanna hear your nonsense talk, blah, blah, blah, blah, like what!?
i'm sick of you, i'm sick of hearin my thoughts too
have i lost you yet? well i will, just let me talk at you
the honest truth is that you're nothin at all
and i'm no better, when i hear myself it's only if i hit the wall
so i apologize if all
you hear is shit.. while i steadily, unknowingly, but readily fall


Hey you, you there, stop listenin
Hey you, yeah you, stop listenin
this music isn't for you

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