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by Benji Fitten
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Genres: Lo-Fi, Retro
Tags: Bedroompop, Surfer, Indie, References

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Lady Holiday

Lady Holiday
you've put me in a daze
and now I can't go out

a brief respite from life
the change in pace is nice
but now the weather's changed

a cold fronts moving in
and there's a storm brewing
in my head tonight
and there's
Hurricanes in my bed room
the water's rising over my head
It's sink or swim tonight
and i hope to make it out alive
but don't wait up for me please

Lady holiday
won't you give me a break
but no it's never that easy--easy

Call me clark griswald
cuz i'm hitting another wall
in my vacation today

I'm getting swept out to sea
with nobody but me
and the waves are getting higher
and there's

Hurricanes in my bedroom
the water's rising over my head
wish i'd learn to swim
then i'd be in a better position
so don't wait up for me

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