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Genres: Punk, Lo-Fi

We're so different but you want me all the same
There's a ringing in my ears and I know that it's your name
This is the first date of what I hope
Is the first of a thousand more
So hurry up and don't hold back
We're finally right on track

I don't want to miss this chance
Grab my hand if you want to dance
I'll make you wish this night
Goes on and on and never ends

Let's get
Drunk off the stars
Where we are
It doesn't matter where we go
'Cause we're both together here
Let's Embrace our fears
They've got
Something we need to hear
If you're scared hold onto me tight
And don't disappear into that good night

This is the first time in a long time
That I've felt this way
I don't want to sound pathetic
But I want for you to stay
What's the rush
What's the hurry
It's only 9:30
Grab my hand and I'll take you to a distant land

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