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Genres: Blues, Rhythmic Soul, Soul
Tags: 12-Bar Blues, Gershwin, Porter, Berlin, Zober


Some call it love,
Others call it hate.
Some call it freedom,
Others call it fate.
Some say it's always just a minute too late,

And that's alright with me.

Some call it wisdom,
Others call it youth
Some call it beauty,
Others call it truth
Some call it whiskey,
Some call it sweet vermouth,

And that's a alright with me.

You know its passed you by,
You know it ain't here just yet.
You know it's always with you,
But sometimes you forget...

Some call it Jelly, others call it jam
Some call her Cynthia, others call her Pam...
Some say its who you are, some say its who I am...
And That's allright with me!...

... (next verse you gonna help me out on, alright??? I know it... I'll tell you when...!)

Some call it modal, others call it bop...
Some call it soda, (come on..) others call it Pop! If it's goot be a hit, at least it can't be a flop!!!

And that's alright with me...
Yeah that's alright with me...
And that's alright with me............

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