Oldest Rock
208 works
by Richard Shekari
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Genres: Reggae, Pop, Gospel
Tags: Oldest Rock, Richard Shekari

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You're full of kindness
When you speak
More than a friend
Lord, you're indeed
Full of compassion
When you teach
I wanna follow your footsteps, Lord
Come down and heal us
You're all we need
Heal all the broken and hearts that bleed
Strengthen the old and empower the weak
Teach us to follow your footsteps, Lord
Jesus, you're the bringer of peace
Jesus, you're the beacon of hope
Jesus, you're our blessing and joy
Teach us to follow your footsteps, Lord.

Hold me, Lord
Don't let go
Shield me, Lord
Don't let go
Bless me, Lord
I need you more
Lift me, Lord
Don't let go (2x)

You came in flesh
Just to save me, Lord
Died on the cross
Just to save me, Lord
You faced Death
Just to save me, Lord
Raised from the dead
You're amazing, Lord
I'm filled with joy
coz you died for me, Lord
I'm full of joy
coz you came for me, Lord
I'll praise your name
coz you stood for me, Lord
Your blood washed all my sins away.

Take my heart
and make it yours
Take my life
Oh Lord, it's yours
Lead the way I'll follow along
You're not like the other gods. (Chorus + Prelude + Chorus)

Copyright 2020 Richard Shekari

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