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by Ian MacPhail
Hidden aways next to the large city of Barbina, the village Bucatini is littered with houses with heaps-upon-heaps of glistening powder piled on top. Piraticus has blessed this town with many blessings, including the town favourite, “Holiday.” During Holiday, the town boils with excitement. A sneaky Santa couldn’t walk a block without being snowballed to insanity by the many “Season’s Greetings.” In an annual supernatural phenomena, a random group of seven houses divinely burn to the ground. The inhabitants feel blessed and touched, as the community gladly rebuilds the houses bigger and better in preparation for the new year. After all, the townsfolk need their pocket change for celebrating Holiday, and couldn’t possibly afford to rebuild seven houses each year if it weren’t completely necessary. And so they are grateful. The whole town of Bucatini gathers around the town square, in admiration of the large and elegant Festivus pole which reigns over the entire village. On the twenty-seventh of December the great gift-giving begins in this very spot. Again the townspeople feel blessed, for their annual tradition falls just after the great sale of Boxer’s day. Then tragedy struck. On the twenty-sixth morning of their seventeenth Holiday in Bucatini, a sharp silence pierced the walls of the house Mandonguilla. It’s a well-known tradition amongst the villagers to set their alarms early on Boxer’s-day-eve, so they can rise before the snow begins to melt Click to see full text
Genres: Fiction, Short Story, Other Writing

© 2012.
A Christmas-Season themed short story.
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