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by Bojko
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Genres: Folk, Rock & Roll, Ska

© 2013.
wrote this one today this is a take 2 take one was a lil slower and vocals were muddier, but I nailed the last verse kinda f'd up on this take, gonna work on it and rerecord, gotta get it memorized...

High School Reunion: The prettiest girl, I ever knew, has a smile, so nice, steadfast eyes, snow white skin, I wouldn't know where to begin, to tell her just, how beautiful she is... A decade gone by, sitting silent, over here, i got nothing to declare, she's got long brown hair...But a man can dream, until it's far to late, and you hope to long, leave it up to fate...Dreaming of a summer, something that's never gonna happen, saying "somebody get me out of here", well it's crystal clear, ain't it now, your living downtown, and i'm down and out...{chorus} the prettiest girl, i ever knew (x2) yeah she was you, i wouldn't know where to begin, to tell her just how beautiful she is... ba nanananannanaanann ba nannanananan (etc)...ideally in a perfect world, i would be your man, and you could be my girl, oh one sweet dance, or a long romance, if i took the chance i might find out...{chorus (x2}, to tell her how beautiful she is, to tell her just how beautiful she is.

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