7 works
by Brian Vaughn
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Genres: Hard Rock, Metal

© 2012. All Rights Reserved
This is my solo act, but with a bit of collaboration. It features my brother Brad on screaming vocals. He also helped co-write the lyrics.

There is a chemical present in the air.
I see it wavering in the space between our frozen faces.
How can I hold this in?
I'm an animal.
I am nothing like a man.

That is not the way you would see things.

This is an impulse. It is just the natural progression.
Just two creature hiding from the cold.
Oh but then feelings come and it's time to go..

The animal inside of me can smell the fear you think you're hiding
It's in our nature. There's no such thing as privacy.
The state brought on by piss and your adrenaline gives you up.
It puts me in the mood to kill again.

But what's this other thing that reaches out?
When I am at my breaking point, it's only starting to awaken.
If we're just animals, then what are all these dreams?
What are all these things that keep me pressing on?
And in the place I'm at, nothing's certain.
If you wander when I'm coming back, I have no answers for you.
I am still discovering what kind of animal will paint the sky or learn to sing.
This is the key to things, I'm sure.

So I sit here with these questions.
All their answers, my obsessions.

That would say it all, wouldn't it?
I always want the answers I can't get.
I'll be straight with you my friend,
Though I'm looking again, I see no light.
So what is right?
I can't feel it inside.

My mind wanders where my legs take me.
Your assumptions.
I feel numbness.
Write me off.
I'll bear witness.
I'm done trying.
God forgive me.

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