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She's a party girl. loves the Mersey Beat
He's in a Skiffle band, loves his Jazz plaed sweet

He knocked her up in London
Then he -- he knocked her down the stairs
He's doin' time in Boston, where no one care,
No one dares!

*God Save the Queen 5 notes + slide*

Oh, how I wish that I had never left The Queen
'Cause she's the only gal I've ever really been in love with
Her eyes they tantalize me from a ten Bob note
I'm tired of sufferin' for my suffrage, she can have my vote

And though I know it sounds a little bit obscene
And though I know it's just a little school boy dream
I'd like to leave her with a bit more than my soul left bare
I'll be her dog, yeah she could flog me through Trafalggar square

We'll be the talk of every modern London scene
From Pick-a-Dill and every circus in between
Oh, how I wish that I had never left The Queen!

She was a Scousa gal, loved the Mersey Beat
He was a Skiffle man, loved his Jazz played sweet!

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