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Genres: Rap, Pop, R&B
Tags: Wehave Come This Far, Rex Razor, Richard Shekari

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We’ve Come This Far
-Rex Razor-

Tha day is get’n darker ‘n hard
And what lies at tha end of tha tunnel seems farther
But we won’t giv’up
Ain’t no turnin’ back now
We’ve come this far
Yes, don’t u giv’up
Ain’t no turnin’ back now
Reach 4 tha skies

Don’t give up, set ya eyes above
A helpin’ hand lies beyond tha clouds
Don’t u giv’up, set ya eyes above
Better days not far away (X2)

A lot of things u kip 2 yaself
They’ll neva understand tha struggle
Everyday u juggle
I can c that life’s giv’n u 2many hurdles
I can tel’ even a smile, yh u hv 2 smuggle, now
2 much pain weighin’ dwn ya heart
Ya friends ur name they stained
They attack u in tha dark
Ur future they disdain, ur hope they detained
I can feel ya pain
U’re cry’n in tha rain

It’s a durty game
Be careful wit’ tha fame
Don’t u set yaself in flames
Ur soul is a rare gem
Homie, neva be ashamed to trust in God
And don’t 4get 2 call His name when they drag u in tha dark (x2)


It’s not far away
Who would’ve tho’t we’d see 2day
Alive, every day we pray
It’s not far away
Who would’ve tho’t we’d smile 2day
We’ve survived, even though betrayed (x2)

Can u c tha scars, baby, on ma heart
Crashed like a shootin’ star
They tore me apart
I’m lyk a broken guitar
Try’na play ma part
Wish I’d heal tha world
So we can all smile. (x2)


It’s not far away, yh
Don’t u giv’up
Tha sun wil’ rise ‘n our wings shal soon heal
U’re all I hv
And I’m all u’ve got

Com’ hold ma hand, u’re all I’ve got
And I’m all u’ve got
2getha we’re strong (x2)

Copyright 2018 Richard Shekari

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Another fine production, my friend! I am for real putting together an album for the stud-yo and yes *hopefully* will get this done in '19 -- we've come this far, so think of how far we still may go!!
 Dec 27, 2018, 09:06 EST
Richard Shekari 
I like the sound of that, that means 2019's going to be a lit.
Happy new year in advance, and merry Xmas. Ho! Ho! Ho! Or however Santa puts it 😁
flag (Dec 27, 2018, 10:20 EST)