Whose faith

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Have you ever experimented with your beliefs?
Have you ever been, truly been happy?
Whose faith and whose cause?
If you love you will find yours.

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Date uploaded: Apr 17, 2011, 21:13 EDT Show more info
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Gremlin gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Whose faith”:
Just an excellent piece. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said (much better, mind you) by the folks who have commented below. This is the kind of song I wish I could write...one of the best tunes on this site.


 Oct 28, 2014, 00:02 EDT

Megatherian gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Whose faith”:
Intro had some dissonance issues that made it difficult for me to get into. The cello seemed to clash with the 8th note chords during the intro and the reprieve. The song gets a little more easy to listen to when the vocals come in, which makes me think that the dissonance may not have been intentional. Whether or not your audience perceives your tonality as intentional is just something to consider when you're going for an unconventional sound.
 Jun 10, 2013, 12:38 EDT

Kode Bliss gave feedback to DISCOVER for “Whose faith”:
This reminds me of something, man I can't put my finger on it. Oh well, sounds great. The mix and master sound great, very pro sounding. Vocals are well done.
 Oct 25, 2012, 17:20 EDT