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Anythings cool if you sing it right
Need a car to hold you tight
somethings in my eye
oh can you see?

Gods swinging from the family tree
music burns lets drink the sea
i'd be nice
If you left some shit for me

My generations full of shit
shut the fuck up, get over it
dig that hole
its not too dark down here

Damned men for love n' such
Mother fucker still oohs me lunch
stick stuck shuv it

Please take me home with you
please help me shake the blues
Im drowning and i cant see the surface
Im dyeing and cant find a purpose

Look ma i can write with no talent
listen close i almost have it
im not gonna let gods child
rape me

well fuck me, fuck you, fuck the government
doin this just for the love of it
gonna sing my ass off
till i die

Im running out of words to say
I have no mind just give me pay
Im gonna roll right off this rock

Papermate Profile Pen
Peater Piper Picked a man

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