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Genres: Progressive Rock, Metal, Post-Rock
Tags: Fierce-Band, Opeth, From-Monument-To-Masses, Scale-The-Summit, Animals-As-Leaders, Isis, Between-The-Buried-And-Me, Consider-The-Source, Rivid

Live recording

Spinning throught the void

Now tearing through the sky

And I'm meeting with the ground.

The hole he has carved,

Smoking ruin on ruinous sphere

Now cradle to his ancient form,

And his new birth.

He is enormous,

His fur is coarse,

His claws are long,

He is the giver of life.

His voyage begins

The voyage

He is Megatherium.

The head is raised,

The head is raised,

Sniffing at stale air.

It is melting from within,

The sphere is imperfect.

Hands deep in the planet sensing what can be done.

Limitless potential.

Sweep of his great arm,

Mountains are raised,

The lay of the land is pulled

From the ground.

This will not do he thinks,

And he waters the world anew.

From grey to blue to green,

The rock is transformed.

But still so lonely.

He reaches into the dirt,

And pulls out the stones.

Stone turns to seed in his hand and he wanders his world alone with a new mission in mind. The sower who does not reap plants as he goes and people grow. He takes the world in his arms as he dies and protects his nubile planet, now safe from hostile space.

The seeds grow delicate and frail,

And the journey begins of Megatherian.

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Date uploaded: Dec 11, 2011, 13:07 EST Show more info
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